Sea-Doo Spark

It seems like no one can stay silent about the Sea-Doo Spark. As one of the most popular personal watercrafts sweeping the scene in Milford, Stratford, and New Haven, CT, it has probably captured your attention, too.

At Colonial Power & Sport, we’re here to help you realize your passion for the outdoors. Keep reading to learn more!

Sea-Doo Spark for SaleSea-Doo Spark for Sale

What is the Sea-Doo Spark’s top speed?

The Sea-Doo Spark is available with two different Rotax 900 ACE engines. Here’s our breakdown of the performance specs:

·       Spark 2 Up: 60-HP Rotax

·       Spark 3 Up: 90-HP Rotax

With the 60-horsepower Rotax engine, you can expect a top speed of 42 MPH. With the 90-horsepower version, a top speed near 50 MPH is achievable.

Does the Sea-Doo Spark have reverse?

Yes! The Sea-Doo Spark offers intelligent Brake & Reverse (iBR). This system is available as an option, so not every Spark comes equipped with it.

So, how does the iBR system work? You can start the Spark in neutral and then switch between forward and reverse modes from the handlebars.

Because a braking system is included, you can bring your personal watercraft to a stop over a much shorter distance with this feature. We recommend it for safety and capability reasons.

What is the Sea-Doo Spark Convenience Package?

If you select a Sea-Doo Spark with intelligent Brake & Reverse (iBR), you will automatically receive the Convenience Package as well. Make a splash when you add some Sea-Doo exclusives to your watercraft, including:

·       A reboarding step, so you can swing back onto your Sea-Doo Spark more easily from deep water if you happen to take a tumble.

·       A Front Storage Bin Kit, so you can bring your personal belongings aboard with 7.42 gallons of front storage space.

With the Spark 3 Up model, you’ll get even more goodies in the Convenience Package. This version comes loaded with the BRP Audio-Portable System so you can soar over the water’s surface with your very own soundtrack!

The system is fully submersible, so you can blast your tunes from the dock or while you’re out on the water. Even if you take a spill and your Sea-Doo flips, the audio system will be protected. Here’s what you’ll get:

·       2 Bluetooth® speakers (25 watts each)

·       Rechargeable lithium battery (up to 24 hours of battery life)

·       Quick-attach connector for easy mounting

·       Intuitive song and volume adjustments

The audio system is front positioned and mounted toward you so you can easily make adjustments while sitting or standing.

Sea-Doo Spark ConvenienceSea-Doo Spark Convenience
Sea-Doo Spark Milford CTSea-Doo Spark Milford CT

What vehicle do you need to tow a Sea-Doo Spark?

Rest assured, you won’t need a specialized towing vehicle to take your Sea-Doo Spark out to open water. With a dry weight of 425 pounds, this personal watercraft is towable by most midsize sedans.

The lightweight construction should make this Sea-Doo towable by virtually any vehicle rated to tow, in fact.

Make the most of your summer with the Sea-Doo Spark

Those Long Island Sound beaches near Milford, Stratford, and New Haven, CT, are calling your name! With the Sea-Doo Spark, you can entertain yourself (and all your favorite people) out there on the water.

Want to learn more about this affordable, compact personal watercraft? Just reach out to us at Colonial Power & Sport and get ready to have a blast!