Sea-Doo Performance Models

Speed That Will Take Your Breath Away

You love the feeling of being out there on the water. The spray of the sea, the sun on your skin—what a way to spend a summer afternoon! But what if we told you there was an even better way to get your heart racing from your Sea-Doo?

Our Sea-Doo performance models take watercraft to the next level. Now you can attack the water with more vigor when you ride a sport-tuned musclecraft! Have the time of your life out there in the gulf near Milford, Stratford, and New Haven, CT.

Sea-Doo Performance for SaleSea-Doo Performance for Sale

Have a Blast with Sea-Doo Performance

Here at Colonial Power & Sport, we can help you learn the language of musclecraft. The following terms describe three different takes on powerful performance with racing-inspired features:

  • GTR
  • RXP-X
  • RXT-X

Each of these are more than your average watercraft. Built for larger bodies of water, these performance-focused, rider-centric models are ready when things get rough. And best of all, with powerful Rotax engines, 60 MPH is just seconds away!

Go-with-the-Flow Financing

The financing process should move as fast as a Sea-Doo cutting through the water. When you work with our experts, we’ll help you score favorable financing for your Sea-Doo performance model.

Tell us, what do you need from your payment plan? Meet one on one with a member of our team to explore your paths forward. With flexible terms and competitive rates, we’re here to help your watersports adventure get off to a rip-roaring start!

You don’t even need to visit our showroom to dip your toes in. Apply for pre-approval online today, and we’ll help you start your financing journey from the comfort of home.  

Sea-Doo FinancingSea-Doo Financing

Blow everyone out of the water 

Are you ready to make a splash on the musclecraft scene? Get ready to dive in with the best in Sea-Doo performance! You can sift through our personal watercraft inventory online and then swing by our showroom for a closer look.

Contact us at Colonial Power & Sport when you’re ready to satisfy your need for speed. The water is waiting near Milford, Stratford, and New Haven, CT!