KTM Travel Bikes

Go Adventure

KTM has earned a reputation for its off-road motorcycles, and for good reason. Still, some of the brand’s best bikes are just as capable of putting in the miles on the pavement. You can adventure anywhere, on- or off-road, with the best KTM travel bikes at Colonial Power & Sport.

Your adventure may start here in Milford, Stratford, or New Haven, CT, but who knows where your path will ultimately lead? If you’re ready to take the long road, shop the best in travel motorcycles with us!

KTM Travel Bike for SaleKTM Travel Bike for Sale

KTM Travel Makes the World Smaller

From the saddle of a KTM travel bike, the world feels smaller. But that’s not because there’s less in it. In fact, there’s more than ever out there! Rather, it feels smaller because you can cover more ground more quickly than ever before!

Your cross-country caper will start off with a bang when you have features like Adaptive Cruise Control and a Semi-active Suspension on your side. So, which motorbike will you make your travel companion?

You can blaze new paths on the best travel bikes from KTM, from the 1290 Super Adventure line to the 890 Adventure range. Get ready for the ultimate thrill… the feeling of total freedom!

Easy 3-to-5-year Travel Bike Financing 

We offer competitive financing so you can immerse yourself in adventure immediately. When you’ve chosen your KTM travel motorcycle, we welcome you to meet one on one with a member of our finance team. Set up your financing adventure so your real adventure can begin.

We work with our partners at Freedom Road Financial to offer flexible 3-to-5-year financing for your travel bike. This is a great way to take home a KTM because you can customize your payments to serve you above all else. So, how can you find such flexible financing?

Travel over to our credit pre-approval form and apply today. It only takes minutes, and our team will be in touch to explore the rates you qualify for.

KTM Travel FinancingKTM Travel Financing

Traverse the Terrain on a Travel Bike

There’s no adventure quite like KTM travel, and we have the bikes for it. Whether your ride leads you up mountain roads, down open throughways, or into the mud and dirt, these travel motorcycles are more than ready for whatever comes your way.

We invite Milford, Stratford, and New Haven, CT, shoppers to see what we have in store at Colonial Power & Sport!