KTM PowerParts & PowerWear

Designed for Winners

We all love a good victory… but who among us has the drive to win?

Some say that drive is inborn, and we agree. But it helps to have the equipment designed to catapult you to the finish line. At Colonial Power & Sport, we’re here to outfit you and your KTM motorcycle with the best of the best.

Because KTM parts, gear, and accessories are made to intensify every moment of your ride, from Milford and Stratford to New Haven, CT. Get ready to shop KTM PowerParts and PowerWear today!

KTM PowerPartsKTM PowerParts
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KTM PowerParts

What if you could amplify your KTM? Make it even more formidable on the roads, trails, or track? With KTM PowerParts, it’s possible, and we’ll help make it a reality.

These parts are the product of KTM’s top-tier in-house research and development and collaboration with the leading aftermarket performance brands. Tailor your bike to your kind of performance with parts engineered to perfection!

Shop PowerParts Street or PowerParts Offroad to armor your motorcycle with materials sourced from the world of racing. We’re talking carbon fiber, titanium, and more! We have KTM PowerParts for every application imaginable.

KTM PowerWear

If you want to win the day, KTM PowerWear is the stuff to wear. Zip yourself up in the most versatile trail jacket or protect your head with a speed helmet for the streets. Get your hands on (and into) a tough pair of new gloves, too.

Browse the complete KTM PowerWear collection:

  • Offroad Collection
  • Adventure Collection
  • Street Collection
  • Casual Collection
  • Safety Collection

Grab some Terra Adventure gear for the rough-and-tough excursions that await you in more rugged destinations. Against wind, rain, and dirt, this revolutionary gear will act as your barrier and protector!   

KTM PowerWearKTM PowerWear
Buying KTM CasualwearBuying KTM Casualwear

KTM Casualwear & Accessories  

You don’t need to be on the back of a bike to support the KTM lifestyle. When you’re chilling at home, show your stance with KTM’s casual wear. We’re talking tees, thermo jackets, socks, and caps—the works!  

From polos and sweaters to zip hoodies, everything is clean, focused, and totally on point! Snag a backpack and a water bottle for every hike, bike, and gym outing. And yes, KTM carries kids’ apparel as well.

With a travel bag or duffel bag, you can take your adventure on the road. Your whole racing team can travel in KTM style to the next big event!

Shop KTM Parts, Gear, & Accessories 

It’s time to notch another victory. But this time, you won’t be alone—you’ll have primo KTM parts, gear, and accessories at your side. So, before you rev up your motorcycle, see what we have in store at Colonial Power & Sport.

With the ability to buy online, you can browse from way beyond Milford, Stratford, and New Haven, CT. Go on and enhance your performance today!