KTM Naked Bike

KTM Naked Bike

The KTM Duke Bloodline

Do you have the blood of a street fighter? If so, you need a motorcycle made for city riding—one that can carve every corner and bend in the road wherever you decide to ride. Upgrade your performance with a KTM naked bike.

At Colonial Power & Sport, our Milford, Stratford, and New Haven, CT, customers can explore the complete line of naked bikes from KTM. So, go discover the Duke in all its glory. It’s time to embrace the thrill of street motorcycling!

KTM Duke for SaleKTM Duke for Sale
Philip Platzer

What is a Naked Bike?

How will you know if a motorcycle is a naked bike? You’ll recognize it by its upright seating position—somewhere between the reclining position of a cruiser and the “extreme forward” position of a sport bike.

And of course, the most obvious trait of a naked bike—and the reason behind its name—is the lack of motorcycle fairings. These motorcycles don’t tuck the frame and engine components away behind plastics.

Generally speaking, naked bikes’ engines are detuned compared to their sport bike cousins. The result? A bike much more suited to the urban jungle, like the best naked motorcycles in the KTM lineup!

KTM Duke Naked Bikes 

KTM’s version of the naked bike is the Duke lineup—a bloodline of nimble bikes culminating in the beastly KTM 1290 Super Duke. This bike is a cold, calculating hunter on the streets, but it’s far from alone in the KTM lineup.

Also featured in the Duke line of naked bikes are the:

  • KTM 890 Duke
  • KTM 390 Duke
  • KTM 125 Duke

Before you hit the streets on a new bike, secure your KTM motorcycle financing. Through our partnership with Freedom Road Financial, we’ll hook you up with a payment plan that meets your needs and suits your lifestyle.

KTM Duke Milford CTKTM Duke Milford CT
Philip Platzer

Guarantee a Thrilling Ride

Your next KTM naked bike is waiting for you here at our showroom! We welcome all Milford, Stratford, and New Haven, CT, motorcycle shoppers to come see what we have in store. Are you ready to get started?

Contact us and set up your test ride at Colonial Power & Sport!