KTM MX Bikes

Master the MX Trails

If the KTM brand has made its mark anywhere, it’s in the world of motocross. You can make your mark in this sport too with the help of a KTM MX bike. For motocross enthusiasts around Milford, Stratford, and New Haven, CT, who want a championship-winning machine, our showroom is the starting gate.

Come see us at Colonial Power & Sport to view our complete inventory of motocross bikes. Join the legacy of KTM and prepare to battle hard for victory and glory!   

KTM Motocross BikesKTM Motocross Bikes
Sebas Romero

The KTM Motocross Range

What makes KTM the master of motocross bikes? With excellent handling, a lightweight build, and plenty of power, these MX bikes don’t have any weak points—only strength. Likewise, with so many models available, you can select a KTM with the powertrain of your choice:

  • 2-stroke
  • 4-stroke
  • Electric

With instantaneous throttle response and an incredible power-to-weight ratio, 2-stroke bikes are among the most popular with motocross fans. And yes, MX has gone electric! KTM offers a zero-emissions bike with low noise and minimal maintenance—all the calling cards of fully charged power.

We’re excited to help you explore KTM’s MX range! You can reach out to our motocross mavens when you’re ready to learn more about your favorite models.

Competitive MX Financing 

You love to get competitive out there on the trails. Why not apply that same sense of ambition to your financing plan? We’ve partnered with Freedom Road Financial to ensure the sky is the limit for you.

With flexible 3-to-5-year motocross financing available, we’ve positioned ourselves as industry leaders. You can customize your plan to meet your needs, so you can score convenient monthly payments that make riding a KTM MX motorcycle that much more enviable. Are you ready to get started?

You can apply for pre-approval online today. We’ll review your information and be in touch soon to help you take home your motocross machine at a better value to you.

KTM MX FinancingKTM MX Financing
Sebas Romero

Find Your Forward Momentum Today 

You’ll feel poised in the dirt and ready to ride forward with a KTM MX bike as your racing companion! We invite our Milford, Stratford, and New Haven, Connecticut, readers to shop our inventory online.

When you come across that perfect motorcycle, contact our team at Colonial Power & Sport and come by for a closer look!