KTM 390 Duke Review

You don’t need royal blood to take command of the streets. No, your dukedom begins with the 2021 KTM 390 Duke—or it might if you’re looking for a little extra agility on the roads of Milford, Stratford, and New Haven, CT.

So, step off the straight and narrow and have more fun on the motorcycle that KTM has dubbed the “Corner Rocket”! Wherever nimble handling counts, this roadster will rise to the challenge. Read this review and find out if the 390 Duke is the throne you’ve been waiting to claim.

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KTM 390 Duke SpecsKTM 390 Duke Specs
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KTM 390 Duke: A 44-HP Powerhouse 

Powering you forward on the KTM 390 Duke is a lightweight, compact single-cylinder engine with 44 horsepower on tap. For a bike this size, a powerplant like that packs a solid punch!

But the 390 Duke is more than its specs. Out there in the real world, this motorcycle comes to life in the most practical way possible. Ride-by-wire technology guarantees a smooth throttle response, electronically translating your throttle commands into throttle valve positions attuned to the riding conditions.

Plus, with the slipper clutch, you can brake to a stop without rear wheel chatter and pull and control the clutch with just one finger. Exert more control with less energy—just what you need to conquer the urban jungle.

Your Front-row Seat to Speed

The KTM 390 Duke gives you maximum control and maximum comfort. High-tech upright handlebars encourage an aggressive body position, and clutch and brake levers are fully adjustable. Customize your KTM for your hand type!

The two-part seat is the secret to this motorcycle’s riding ergonomics. With a seat height of 32.3 inches, you’ll be secure in your seat but just high enough to make cornering as fun as you want it to be.

Meanwhile, the pillion seat blends perfectly with the bodywork to keep this KTM’s stunt-ready looks intact. Yes, it does look sharp… and it keeps your passenger comfortable, too!

KTM 390 Duke Milford CTKTM 390 Duke Milford CT
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KTM 390 Duke TechnologyKTM 390 Duke Technology
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A Multicolor Display & Headlights Too

As you settle into your saddle, look ahead. You’ll see wide-open roads—and the multicolor TFT display that gives you the data you need to ride fast and smart.

Go ahead and rev the engine. You’ll see the display bars change color, either encouraging you on or telling you to back off while the engine’s still cold. And whether you’re riding in the sun or through a tunnel, the display will change color to adapt to the light conditions around you.

In low light—even pitch dark—the LED headlamp will illuminate your way forward. The parking light includes 20 LEDs, so others on the road can see you coming, too.

Master the Bends with the 390 Duke 

With a bike as nimble as this, the streets of Milford, Stratford, and New Haven, Conneticut, are your playground! So, are you ready to see this entry-level Duke in action?

Set up your test ride at Colonial Power & Sport and take the KTM 390 Duke to take a spin today!