Husqvarna Snowblowers for Sale

For Season’s Sleetings

Winter should be a time of joy and merriment—and it will be with a Husqvarna snowblower in your driveway! Blast through hard-packed snow quickly and get back to what the season is really about.

No matter who you are or how you celebrate, your busy winter schedule could use a helping hand—or blade.

Don’t let snow flurries in Milford, Stratford, or New Haven, CT, dampen your spirit. Shop Husqvarna snowblowers for sale here at Colonial Power & Sport!


Eight crazy nights? Unlikely.

Husqvarna makes snow removal quick and easy.

No one wants to spend hours in the cold, shoveling snow out of the driveway and off the sidewalk so they can get to work. They especially don’t want to do it after working a 9-to-5 with a long commute on top of it. It’s exhausting.  

Husqvarna snowblowers turn nights upon nights of shoveling into a task that can be done in a couple of hours or less! And they make it easier with:

·       Heated handles for your comfort

·       A reliable starter system in cold weather

·       A cleated track-drive system to reduce slipping and sliding

·       Cast iron gear box and impeller, each with a 10-Year Limited Warranty

So, don’t spend eight crazy nights—or even five—out there shoveling snow. Finish the job faster with a Husqvarna snowblower with bright LED headlights, and then head inside for a real Festival of Lights!

It’s a wonderful life…

…when you have snowblower financing!  

What would life be like in a world where flexible snowblower financing never existed? Thankfully, you’ll never have to find out.

Through our partnership with Synchrony, we offer competitive financing for snowblowers. Go ahead and set up a revolving loan or an installment payment agreement. Give yourself the gift of essential winter power equipment.

You can fill out and submit our Husqvarna snowblower financing application online. Every time our inbox dings, we help new applicants find their wings!

Snowblower FinancingSnowblower Financing
Snowblower MaintenanceSnowblower Maintenance

No more misfit toys.

We use genuine Husqvarna parts!

Sure, the freshly fallen fluffy stuff is easy to clear. But snow that’s been sitting for days? It can feel as dense as the clay in your favorite festive claymation.

Never fear—your Husqvarna can blow through it all the same. But to power your machinery to peak performance and clear snow quickly, you can’t compromise on genuine Husqvarna snowblower parts.

So, when your snowblower lacks animation—when it’s stuck in stop-motion—come to our service department. Our technicians use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts made to Husqvarna specifications, so there will never be a misfit.  

More modern and effective than Yukon Cornelius’ icepick, genuine blades and augers will make your Husqvarna a snow-prospecting machine!

Last Christmas, I gave you my Husqvarna…

And the very next day, you snow-blew me away…

This motion picture doesn’t need much to make it a classic. You and your driveway will do. Just Wham! into that snowdrift and let the blower do the rest.  

For quick and easy snow removal, residents of Milford, Stratford, and New Haven, Connecticut, can shop our Husqvarna snowblowers for sale at Colonial Power & Sport!