Smarter Power for Your Home 

Your life shouldn’t end because of a power outage. A fridge on the fritz or a hot water heater out of commission—these are problems of the past. You have 21st-century solutions from Generac, a trusted name in power systems!

Generac generators give you the emergency backup to live comfortably through any outage. Should you have one powering your life and home?    

Residents of Milford, New Haven, and Stratford, CT, can explore Generac’s smart power solutions right here at Colonial Power & Sport!

Generac GeneratorsGenerac Generators

Generac Portable Generators 

Power when and where you need it.

That’s the primary allure of portable generators. A low-cost alternative to standby generators, they can help you through an emergency. And because they’re portable, their benefits go well beyond the home.

Sure, in a blackout, they stave off spoiled food and candlelight activities; but imagine what else they can do. They can power the equipment you need on your next camping adventure—laptops, radio, even a small freezer.

Drive an electric car? That portable generator can ensure you won’t be stranded during a blackout or a long stretch between charging stations. Make it your charger of last resort everywhere you go.

Generac Generators for Sale 

We’re excited to bring you the number-one-selling brand in backup power! Shop our Generac generators for sale and discover the portable power solution you’ve been waiting for. From 2,500W to 15,000W, we have what you need.

Browse our inventory for popular models like these:

  • GP3300i
  • GP3500iO
  • XT8000E
  • GP15000E

Want to learn more about them? Reach out to our experts in generators and dive into the details!

Generators for SaleGenerators for Sale
Generac PartsGenerac Parts

Generac Replacement Parts 

When rain, snow, or sleet arrive, you want assurance that your generator can power you through the storm.

Prepare now for peace of mind later! You’ll want spare portable generator OEM parts on hand to keep the power flowing freely.

We’re here to help. Keep those parts well stocked and place an order for new ones when you need them through our parts department. Our team will fulfill your order and ensure you receive your genuine Generac parts.

Don’t Get Left in the Dark

Colonial Power & Sport has a Generac generator in stock to meet every need. We invite Milford, New Haven, and Stratford, CT, shoppers to see what we have in store. Contact us today!

Discover the right-sized portable generator for your life today!