FMF Turbinecore 2.1 silencer

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Easy to mountPerfect fitExtremely low weightSpecially developed for enduro useSilencer housing made of high-grade titaniumTitanium silencer capRich... Read More
FMF Turbinecore 2.1 silencer
  • Easy to mount
  • Perfect fit
  • Extremely low weight
  • Specially developed for enduro use
  • Silencer housing made of high-grade titanium
  • Titanium silencer cap
  • Rich sound
  • Low noise level
  • Blue anodized outer sleeve

- Outer sleeve made from the finest aluminum
- Full sound despite low noise level
- Lightweight
- Perfect fit
- Easy to install
- Combination with FMF Fatty Pipe recommended
- Specially developed for motocross-use
- internal spark arrestor