Custom Order Your Sea-Doo

Personalize Your Summer of Fun

The Sea-Doo life is exciting, but there’s more than one way to live it when you make your ride your own. You can custom order your Sea-Doo here at Colonial Power & Sport and take home a personal watercraft that’s sure to please wherever your adventures take you.

So, line up for fun near Milford, Stratford, and New Haven, CT, and find out how you can make your ride your own. There’s a sea of possibilities—are you ready to dive in?

Sea-Doo Color OptionsSea-Doo Color Options

Choose your Color

As you make your big splash in your favorite lake or bay, do it with a splash of color. Sea-Doo watercrafts come in so many eye-catching colors—even two-tone combinations. 

You may love the way Orange Crush and Lava Red complement your passion for watersports. Or maybe that refreshing Reef Blue and Manta Green combo will help you keep your cool out there on the water. Who can say but you? Be the artist of your own adventure.

Choose Your Options

There are so many ways to configure your Sea-Doo. Once you have a model in mind, you’ll want to think about what you want from your personal watercraft. What kind of capability do you need? A few components to consider, include:

Engine. Which mighty Rotax engine do you want to power your ride? Some engines have best-in-class horsepower on tap, so you might be in for a real thrill ride!

To iBR or not iBR? That is the question. Intelligent Brake & Reverse can be your Sea-Doo’s on-water brake, making docking and navigating a busy marina easier than ever.  

Seating capacity. How many daring seafarers are coming along for the ride? A Sea-Doo can seat as many as three people—just hold on tight!

Sea-Doo SparkSea-Doo Spark
Sea-Doo AccessoriesSea-Doo Accessories

Choose Your Accessories

There are 20,000 tweaks you can make to your Sea-Doo, thanks to a fathomless depth of accessories. How will you tinker around and make your personal watercraft your own? There’s so much you can add to your adventures, especially in the areas of:

  • Comfort
  • Covers
  • Docking
  • Graphics Kits
  • Storage

Along with these accessories, you can throw in some shock-cushioned nylon rope, so your Sea-Doo won’t float away—simply tie it up at the dock. And never again will your crew call you “bilge rat” when you have a bilge pump kit! Keep the engine compartment dry so it’s all systems go in your Sea-Doo.

Plunge Into Fun

Your Sea-Doo is closer than you think. With the power to design it in your hands, you’ll finally get exactly what you want out on the open ocean! We invite watersports enthusiasts near Milford, Stratford, and New Haven, CT, to custom order a Sea-Doo with us today.

Contact our crew at Colonial Power & Sport to start your adventure on the high seas!