Can-Am Spyder

Few 3-wheel cruiser and touring motorcycles make comfort so central to the riding experience. For journeys short and long, the Cam-Am Spyder offers a range of unique—and uniquely configurable— bikes.

Could this Can-Am deliver the ultimate in comfort? We invite Milford, Stratford, and New Haven, CT, riders to explore the mysterious and powerful Spyder with our team at Colonial Power & Sport!

Can-Am On Road Spyder F3Can-Am On Road Spyder F3

Can-Am Spyder F3

With more muscle, you can push the limits of performance. That’s the idea behind the Spyder F3, and what an idea it is! A spirited ride will be yours because of this bike’s power-optimized gear ratio and superior power-to-weight ratio.

Spyder F3 trim levels include:

·       Spyder F3

·       Spyder F3-S Special Series

·       Spyder F3-T

·       Spyder F3 Limited

·       Spyder F3 Limited Special Series

Find the ultimate comfort for two on the Spyder F3 Limited. With its self-leveling rear air suspension and an integrated passenger backrest, this 3-wheeler can really spread the comfort around.

In cold seasons—and on those chilly early-morning and late-evening rides—your hands will thank you for the available heated grips!

Can-Am Spyder RT

Scale the pinnacle of luxury touring. The most modern Spyder yet comes cloaked in a stunning exterior—and it has even more surprises up its sleeve. With a few extra comfort and storage features, it’s the most premium way to conquer the roads.

Ride off with a new rider backrest, as well as upper and lower wind deflectors. A long ride should pass uninterrupted by whipping winds, and the Spyder RT sees that it does!

Spyder RT trim levels include:

·       Spyder RT

·       Spyder RT Limited

·       Spyder RT Sea-to-Sky

Even the base Spyder RT equips you with touring floorboards and extra lumbar support for those long tours. Soar to new heights on the RT Sea-to-Sky with its (sea?)foam seats and beautiful Mystery Blue paint.

Can-Am On Road Spyder RTCan-Am On Road Spyder RT

Ride the Full-Comfort Can-Am Spyder

Milford, Stratford, and New Haven, Connecticut, riders know that hands-on research is always best. So, feel free to swing by our showroom at Colonial Power & Sport and see one of the boldest bikes in the Can-Am Spyder lineup!